Rati Dance Academy


"Dance – although a very simple and happy term in reality is a deeply involving individual journey for each dancer.  Only when the dancer reaches the meditative phase forgetting all inhibitions, the true dancer appears on the stage of art.”

Rati Dance Academy was formed in the year 2007 and was founded on the basic principles of personalized attention based on individual needs for students who aspire to excel in Kuchipudi. The dance academy has been established with a view to encourage young children who are interested in learning Indian classical dance and to encourage adults to experience this wonderful journey which they were otherwise not privy to.

Before enrolling to be a Rati Dance Academy student, students are recommended to limit their extra-curricular activities to be able to practice every day.  They are evaluated for their commitment and enthusiasm. Students are taught all three aspects of pure dance – Nrtta – which corresponds to pure dance steps performed rhythmically; Natya - corresponds to dramatic representation or drama with speech, music and dancing and; Nritya - which corresponds to the mime performed to the song. In other words, it is the Interpretative dance which relates to sentiments. Apart from such traditional practices, students will learn to use Kuchipudi as a basis for their artistic and creative vision.  Creating this vision and focusing on the skills needed to be able to take the student from practice to performance is Rati’s mission. Workshops in focused areas will be organized periodically and taught by Master teachers. 

Commitment to regular practice and a quest for perfection are the keystones of students enrolled in Rati Dance Academy.